A Global Declaration of Interdependence

As a member of the Evolutionary Leaders several of us came together to convene a worldwide celebration of the evolutionary birthing of Humanity as we enter a global age: “Birth 2012”. And on December 22, 2012 this global celebration held a planetary live stream at key cities around the globe- Philadelphia being one key focal point. On this occasion of an awakening of our Human Family I felt it was appropriate here in Philadelphia - the birthplace of American Democracy- to draft an evolutionary ((Declaration of Interdependence)) that was grounded in the American Declaration of Independence and the ((Source Code of Logos)). When the “Birth 2012” live stream continuous web event visited Philadelphia we would perform this newly drafted ((Declaration)) now presented in ((Global Source of Democracy)). In composing this draft I studied and meditated upon the original wording of our American Declaration of Independence and sat in silence at Christ Church (near Independence Square in Philadelphia) on the very bench upon which George Washington sat, along with others like Thomas Jefferson, William Penn and other drafter/founders of this key document. In my draft I found that the seeds of this ((Declaration of Interdependence)) were already inscribed within the Declaration of Independence. In other ((words)): this Declaration of Interdependence flows naturally from our Declaration of Independence which tapped the long emerging ((Source Code of Logos)). Thus, as we evolved and matured as ((We the People)) into true ((Independence)) and entered more deeply, individually and collectively, into the living ((Source Code of Deep Democracy)) we embody this ((Declaration of Interdependence)). The Spirit of true ((Independence)) from all forms of colonial and human oppression liberates us as a ((People)) to an awakened Culture of Deep Dialogue where we discover and live ((Sacred Interdependence))- the embodiment of the ((Source Code of Logos)).
Here you will find a video performance at Wainwright House on December 22, 2012 of the ((Declaration)), and a Youtube of a Town Meeting held at Haverford College December 1, 2012 in preparation for this global event. You will also find two documents calling to The People to gather in this spirit for the Global Town Meeting and the signing of our ((Declaration)). You will of course also see drafts of this Declaration presented here.

Declaration of Interdependence
Seven Stages of Deep Dialogue
Introduction to Declaration for Global Age
Dear Fellow Citizens
We The People Poster
Video for Declaration of Interdependence

World Wisdom Council

In November 2005 there was an unprecedented gathering of the World Wisdom Council in Tokyo in the launching of an initiative to catalyze an evolved, awakened planetary civilization grounded in the collective Global Wisdom through the ages. Ashok, as Co-Chair (with Ervin Laszlo) of the World Wisdom Council drafted this Tokyo Declaration for the signatures of all members of the Council and for presentation to the gathering in Tokyo and the world wide media. Ashok’s draft was accepted by the Council and presented by Ashok to the gathering.This ((Declaration)) - seen here- was published by Kosmos Journal soon after the Tokyo event. In this published version of our ((Tokyo Declaration)) you will see the names of the diverse members of the Wisdom Council, including Mikhail Gorbachev (Honorary Chair). You will also find a link to a short video of this historic Tokyo event where certain members of the Wisdom Council addressed the audience of 5,000, including Gorbachev. The heart of this ((Tokyo Declaration)) seeks to bring forth the power of Global Wisdom that is grounded in the ((Source Code of Logos)). This Declaration calls upon our Human Family across all borders for the awakening of Global Consciousness and the embodiment of Global Wisdom as we co-evolve to a higher form of civilization flowing in the Power of Deep Dialogue and awakened Rational LIfe.

Ashok in Tokyo: World Wisdom Council-:New Civilization

World Spirit Forum An Historic Advance in Global Spirituality

In January 2006 the World Spirit Forum met in Arosa, Switzerland at the time of the gathering of the World Economic Forum in near by Davos. The timing of this Arosa gathering was, of course, intentional and sought to bring high profile attention to the current state of “Spirituality” and “Consciousness” in the life of the people across the planet. While economic forces and realities are vital in the life of the people, the World Spirit Forum sought to highlight that our wide-ranging crises across the planet trace directly to the conduct of our consciousness and our level of spiritual development. The World Spirit Forum seeks to tap the enormous consensus resources of our collective Planetary Wisdom in calling for the awakening of global consciousness and spirituality across all borders in the life of the People. This awakening of global consciousness is seen to be the highest priority in getting the the heart of our diverse human crises that threaten our sustainability in the 21st Century. Ashok, as a member of the Advisory Board and facilitator of this gathering worked with the core team to draft this document which was published in Kosmos Journal soon after the gathering. This published article concluded with a summary Arosa Declaration.


Universal Declaration of Global Consciousness & Spirituality

In July 2004 the World Parliament of Religions met in Barcelona, Spain and the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality held a high profile ((Deep Dialogue)) at this historic gathering. Ashok, as Co-Convenor of this World Commission drafted this Universal Declaration of Global Consciousness and Spirituality that was embraced by the Commission and presented to the World Parliament gathering to be adopted. In this one-page ((Declaration)) Ashok makes a key link between awakening Global Consciousness and our evolutionary advance to Global Spirituality. Both Global Consciousness and Global Spirituality are grounded in the long emergent ((Source Code of LogoSophia)) which is the generative source of our great scriptures, our world religions, our wisdom and enlightenment teachings through the ages. It is an evolutionary advance to bring to the fore the missing ((Source Code)) that is being tapped by our diverse religious worlds, teachings and sacred scriptures. This ((Source Code of Infinite Presence)) is the ((Common Ground)) that manifests in diverse First Narratives and First Names- God, Yahweh, Allah, Aum, Brahman, Sunyata, Tao, Logos, Christ...and is the generative ((Source)) of such diverse revered spiritual teachers as Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed, Lao Tzu and the Greek Logos tradition. In this ((Global Source Light)) this ((Declaration)) seeks to make manifest the long emergent Generative Source of our diverse religious and spiritual teachings as we mature to ((Global Spirituality)). After the presentation of this ((Declaration)) in Barcelona there was a joyous celebration in the evening as a large gathering sang and danced together.


Global Sacred Spiritual Space: The Challenge for All Spiritual Communities

In 2005, soon after the Barcelona gathering of the World Parliament of Religions, Ashok (as Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute, and Co-Convenor of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality) drafted this ((Blueprint for Global Spirituality)) on the occasion of a call to to cultivating ((Global Quaker Meeting))- The Holy Experiment Continues. This blueprint is a ((seed document)) calling for all spiritual communities to dilate ((global sacred space)) through mindful acknowledgment of the ((Source Code of Presence)) that sources and funds all forms of religious and spiritual life. This cultivation of ((global spirituality)) and the dilation of ((global sacred space)) comes forth with the embodiment of the literacy of ((Deep Dialogue)) in our cultural lives. When we gain access to the ((Source Code of Presence)) we evolve and mature as ((I===Thou)) dialogue beings and evolve from monologue to Dialogue. When we live from ((Source Code)) it becomes clear that we ((humans)) are ((LogoSapiens)) activating our ((I===Thou)) Dialogue Nature and move beyond the dysfunctional patterns of egosapiens living in cultures of monologue. The ((Global Quaker Meeting)) has been continuous at Haverford Friends Meeting in Haverford , Pennsylvania since 2005.