"Dialogue is at the heart of everyday language. It is at work and play whenever we think and speak and attempt to communicate internally within the self and externally among people. We could say that dialogue is happening whenever we use language - it pervades all our discourse.

Of course the practice of dialogue has always been a concern through the ages in the evolution of cultures. It takes many forms; we enter authentic dialogue through many levels and stages. Dialogue involves the encounter of different perspectives, views, worlds. "Dia-logue" implies more than one perspective coming into "conversation" in some way. Of course this is happening all the time in everyday life. Whenever different views come into some kind of direct relation or mutual encounter, whether in a "negative" form such as conflict or confrontation or in a "positive" mode such as reaching out in care or concern or curiosity, the dynamics and issues and challenges of authentic "dialogue" arise.

Dialogue can succeed or fail, and when it really works, genuine communication is taking place. In real communication there is a meaningful meeting of minds and perspectives, a deeper sharing of meaning that clarifies areas of agreement and disagreement and thus promotes deeper harmony and well-being. In this authentic meeting there is cultivation of shared open space and common ground and a certain level of communion and unity in the midst of clarified differences. But one of the greatest challenges to dialogue is the attempt to really communicate across and between different perspectives or worldviews."

  (from "Dialogue: The Key to Global Ethics," Perspectives on Business and Global Change, pub. World Business Academy, Volume 11, Number 4, Dec. 1997)

((Awakening Mind)) is intended to be an introduction to the global worldview and the idea that the key to our survival as a species is the discovery of a universal dialogue through which we can learn to understand and communicate with one another. This universal dialogue, or Logos, is comprised of the inherent threads of commonality which we all possess.

Through this website you can read, watch, listen and learn about many aspects of this profound new philosophy. You will find links to information on ((Awakening Mind))'s founder, Dr. Ashok Gangadean, including biographical information, published works, television programming, radio interviews, essays and the like. You will also find links to affiliated organizations and resources which promote the global ideal. We invite you to explore, learn and, when you quit your browser and leave your computer - take the lessons with you.

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