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((Awakening Global Enlightenment))

((Awakening Global Enlightenment))
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((Dear Forum Friends- Greetings. I am delighted to share the good news concerning our next ((Philosophy Forum)) at Haverford College on April 2nd 2016 featuring Dr. Andrew Newberg. It's a month away and I wanted to get this news to you so you can save the date. I attach the poster (also pasted in below), and I attach also an item on Andrew's latest book: Enlightenment and the Brain. This book is being released in a couple weeks and Andrew will have a book signing at our Forum on April 2nd. Please see the detailed note about Andrew's important pioneering work. He is an alumnus of Haverford and we're proud of him! I will open our event presenting key highlights from my recently released double CD audio ((Awakening Global Enlightenment)) and Dr Nedra Fetterman will add her voice to stir deep dialogue with the audience on this frontier topic. To learn a little more about my Cd please click this link for a press release. [ http://hav.to/1ox ]